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International Payment Report 2016

The 2016 edition of Payment Report published by CRIBIS-D&B, exclusive member of Dun & Bradstreet international network in Italy, provides information on payment behaviours about 33 countries, France being part of it.

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The Payment Study is aimed at outlining the international picture of payment practices.

The Payment Study includes collection and analyze of payment data from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Mexico, the USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Turkey, Russia and Greece.

For each country the patterns of commercial transactions are analyzed in details, paying attention to any changes compared with previous years.
The main sources of information used in this study were payment data from the D&B Worldwide Network DUNTRADE® program.

Thierry Millon, Chief of Studies at Altares, is giving his opinion on the economic scenario and payment situation in France.

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Data Sources : Dun & Bradstreet Paydex and Payment Experiences

The data presented in this study come from the information held in DUNTRADE® PROGRAM and are elaborated by CRIBIS D&B.
In particular, payment assessment is based on the analysis of those companies for which a D&B Paydex value is available, where D&B Paydex is a statistical indicator that assesses the historical performance of payments to suppliers, and provides a reliable profile of a company in terms of whether or not it is a good payer.

Payment experiences are generated by the combined analysis of all commercial transactions (invoices, payments, overdue payments etc.) between a client company and its supplier over the course of the previous 12 months.

The DUNTRADE® Program

Payment experiences come from DUNTRADE®, the program used by Dun & Bradstreet Partners and participating companies aimed at collecting data, analyses and assessments of the payment practices of companies around the world.

More information about CRIBIS D&B

CRIBIS D&B is a highly specialized company with advanced business information skills. It was set up with the aim of providing both the Italian market and D&B’s global clients with the highest standards of quality in terms of business coverage, the depth and accuracy of information, the technological capacity and flexibility to respond quickly to market demands, as well as in the provision of decisional systems, and scoring models.

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